Empowering Generosity:
HyLand’s Journey Towards Sustainable, Global Impact

HyLand was founded 12 years ago when Henry and Mary Rempel, a wealthy couple, decided to donate their extensive real estate portfolio to the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). The Rempels stipulated two conditions for the donation: first, the portfolio was not to be liquidated but rather operated like an endowment, preserving the capital base while donating the net income back to MCC; second, the resources were to assist those in greatest need in the developing world. MCC’s vision—Relief, development, and peace in the name of Christ—resonated deeply with Henry Rempel, who had personally experienced MCC's support when his family immigrated from Ukraine in the 1920s. The Rempels’ generous contribution is noted as the second-largest donation in Canadian history.


Hyland's vision is to expand the mission of MCC, globally and locally, with income from endowed and managed assets.

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Hyland manages a portfolio of property investments that produce profits annually for the ministry of MCC BC and encourages the donation of Business and Property Legacies for the support of MCC charitable activity.

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Hyland is the vehicle for receipt of assets (land, businesses or buildings), development, and operation of these businesses for the support of MCC’s relief, development and peace work globally and locally.

HyLand combines the expertise of a top-tier
real estate development company with a character
shaped by MCC values.

HyLand was established as a group of for-profit companies tasked with managing assets on behalf of its sole shareholder, MCC. It boasts a professional management team adept in a wide range of real estate activities, including land development, new construction, and property management. The primary strategic goal of HyLand is to build a stable portfolio of income-producing assets, which will enable ever-increasing contributions back to MCC. Currently, HyLand is targeting a contribution of $20,000,000 over the next five years, with aspirations for this figure to exponentially increase over time.

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